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Travelling to Spain – Top 5 places to visit

Travel to Spain for lush afternoons spent sipping on Sangria and evenings dancing on white-sand beaches under the moonlight. Explore ancient monuments, hike scenic mountain terrain, and get up-close with some of the world’s most acclaimed architectural masterpieces. Spain has it all, and these five places are the best of the best.

1. Barcelona
Barcelona is a magical city full of quirky architecture and beautiful beaches. Visit Antoni Gaudí’s La Segrada Familia, possibly the craziest church in Europe and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Have a picnic at Park Güell and enjoy amazing views of Barcelona before finishing the day with traditional tapas and a sunset cruise along the Catalan coast. Barcelona is a city made for lovers of food, art, and architecture, you’ll never want to leave. There’s a great campsite just north of Barcelona – Castell Montgri campsite – which is ideal as a stopover prior to going into the city.

2. The Sierra Nevada
The vast wilderness of Spain’s Sierra Nevada provides stunning landscapes and unlimited adventure. The Sierra Nevada, “Snowy Mountains”, are a popular mountain range for skiing and are known for their Mediterranean climate during the summer months. Wild camping is legal in the region, so you can pitch a tent anywhere you please. The striking mountains and untouched villages are far removed from the tourist areas of Spain, resulting in an incredibly rewarding holiday.

3. Alhambra in Granada
The Alhambra Palace in Granada, Spain is one of the greatest architectural sites in Europe. This stunning UNESCO World Heritage Site was constructed as a fortress in 889 AD and was transformed into a magnificent palace in 1333. This Islamic palace is covered in incredible mosaics and beautiful Muslim art. The Alhambra Palace has been a muse to writers and artists for centuries and is one of Spain’s greatest gems.

4. Ibiza
The rugged rocky coastlines and sandy Blue Flag beaches have drawn tourists to Ibiza Island for years. This beach paradise hosts several popular festivals throughout the year, and is a key destination in Europe’s clubbing scene. The crystal-clear blue waters of Ibiza make it a perfect place for diving and sailing, as well as just about any other water sport you can imagine. The beautiful warm weather and great location ensure a memorable

English: View of the Alcazar, Segovia, Spain. ...

English: View of the Alcazar, Segovia, Spain. Español: Vista del Alcázar, en Segovia, España. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

holiday you will want to revisit every year.

5. Segovia
Go back in time in the ancient World Heritage City of Segovia. Located near the capital city of Madrid, Segovia is a fascinating city to discover the triumphs of Spain’s past. The Aqueduct of Segovia will be the highlight of your visit. This Roman aqueduct from the 1st Century is one of the most important and well-preserved ancient monuments in Western Europe and is a symbol of Segovia itself. You can also see the Segovia Cathedral which stands tall over the city, and is the last remaining Gothic Cathedral in Spain. If that isn’t enough history for you, the Alcazar of Segovia (Segovia Castle) is located here as well. Not only is this 12th century castle one of the most

famous castles in Spain, but it also served as an inspiration for Walt Disney’s Cinderella Castle. Segovia will enchant you with its fairytale monuments and ancient history, and is easily accessible from Spain’s major cities.

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