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Travelling through Italy – Top 5 Places to Visit

Italy has long been a favourite destination of travellers everywhere. From the Colosseum in Rome to the pizza in Naples, Italy offers something for every taste and budget. Whittling down the best places to visit in Italy to only five wasn’t easy, but these five destinations offer the best of the Italian culture, history, art, and landscapes.

1. Rome

It would be difficult to make any list referencing Italy without including the great city of Rome. The cobblestone streets, the Colosseum, and the magic in the air entrance over 7 million visitors every year. Be sure to throw a coin into the Trevi Fountain for luck, and enjoy a gelato on the Spanish Steps while you people watch. If you love history and culture, Rome is where it’s at.

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2. Venice

The beauty of Venice is something every person should take in at least once during their lifetime. A gondola ride down the picturesque waterways of Venice is an institution of European travel. Get lost walking around this World Heritage City while taking in the breathtaking architecture and scenery.

3. Sicily

Sicily is Italy’s largest island and has a life and culture all of its own. The geography of the area is extraordinary, with active volcanoes billowing smoke in the distance and rock formations jutting out from the sea. If you do nothing else, try the legendary Cannoli. This famous Sicilian pastry will be the most unforgettable part of your trip. There’s the Bella Italia campsite in Southern Italy that can be very useful for Italian trips.

4. Pompeii

The city of Pompeii is one of Italy’s top tourist attractions, but for good reason. Spend a full day walking along the ancient streets of this city, while trying to wrap your head around the devastating events that took place there in 79 AD.  In some areas as much as twenty feet of ash fell, preserving rooms and people exactly as they were that day. Pompeii is a fascinating place and a must-see on your trip to Italy!

5. Lake Como

Lake Como has been drawing the rich and famous to its shores since the Roman times. This beautiful lake sits in the shadow of the Bergamo Alps, providing one of the most spectacular retreats in Europe. Whether you want to pitch a tent or rent out a luxurious villa, Lake Como has something for everyone.

“A man who has not been in Italy, is always conscious of an inferiority, from his not having seen what it is expected a man should see.” –Samuel Johnson

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Jessica Galbraith

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