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Top 5 tips for a successful camping trip

Top 5 tips for a successful camping trip

| On 03, Apr 2014

Camping is a great way to spend time with the family, enjoying each other’s company and getting plenty of fresh air. Equally, it can very easily turn out to be a stressful and sleepless experience if you don’t plan appropriately and adjust your expectations.

With this in mind, here are my top five tips for a successful family camping trip:

  1. My first and essential tip for a successful camping trip is to ensure you get a pitch with electric hook up. And it’s not for the children’s electronic gadgets. It’s because an electric kettle boils much faster than one on a portable cooker and also because I hate being cold and a little electric fan goes a long way to make me more comfortable!
  2. Plenty of blankets. See my previous comment about being warm. I suggest thick blankets underneath each bed to form a layer between you and the ground. Even in summer the ground gets chilly. And at least an extra blanket for on top too.
  3. Have a container for water that is easy to transport and store. You’ll be amazed just how much water you need for a family-from drinking and cooking to cleaning. You might not always want or need to go to the washing basins for little things, so if you have plenty of water immediately available you can give things like cutlery or glasses a quick rinse.
  4. Take a trip to one of the cheaper shops beforehand and stock up on outdoor toys. This way when they inevitably get lost or damaged it’s not such a big deal. Plus, if you like to encourage friendships to blossom between yours and other’s children, having a stash of cheap but fun toys can prove very handy to keep them all occupied together.
  5. Children burn up a lot of energy when camping because they’re so busy enjoying the fresh air. This means you’ll need plenty of snacks for them to re-fuel. Pack plenty of high energy snacks that are easy to store-bananas, grapes and oranges are better than berries for example. Or cereal bars in multi packs-they might not be your preferred option at home but you will be glad of something easy to offer and vaguely healthier than crisps from the campsite shop.

And I’m cheating a little now by really offering a final tip, but it’s related very much to the last point. Relax. The usual routines don’t work on a camping trip. This includes eating, sleeping and washing. Try to go with the natural flow as much as possible and you’ll enjoy it all the more. It doesn’t matter if all your children have eaten that day are snacks as long as you’re the one doing the choosing and supplying of said snacks. It’s not the end of the world if bedtime is later and neither is it a disaster if all they do at bedtime is give their face and hands a slosh in some water. It’s only for a few days.

If you bear these tips in mind when planning your camping trip, I think it will go a long way to ensuring it’s one of your more successful family holidays.

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