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Top 5 Life Hacks of a Caravanner

1. Water Lamp

Save on electricity and stick one of these innovative water lamps in the washroom or bedroom where you need additional lighting in the evening. Simply fill an old plastic milk jug with water and attach a headlamp around it, with the light facing inside. Now you have an inexpensive power source that provides ambience and practicality.

2. Mark your caravan site

For an easy and fun way to mark your caravan site, make these simple LED throwies. Just tape together a lithium battery and a 10mm diffused LED light, and throw it wherever you need a glow. These LED throwies would be great for lighting up a barbeque party as well!

3. Shoe rack space saver

Have any old fabric shoe racks laying around? This life hack is great for those who have limited kitchen space in their caravan. Store your cleaning supplies in the compartments, or use it for small food items and snacks.


4. Tic-Tac Spice Rack

Are all of those different sized spice bottles taking up too much room in your caravan? Use old Tic-Tac boxes to keep the spices compact and neat. This would also work for other powders you may use in small quantities such as baking powder or bicarbonate soda.


5. Make a DIY washing machine

If your caravan is not equipped with a washing machine, you aren’t doomed to a vacation of smelly clothing until you find a laundromat. Make this easy DIY washing machine to keep you smelling fresh. All you need is a 18.9 L bucket (with a cover) and a toilet plunger. Add your water, clothing, and detergent and plunge away followed by a good rinse. To avoid the clothing getting too sudsy, cut three or four holes into the plunger. Ta-da! A washing machine for less than £10.


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