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Top 5 Camping Tips

Nothing beats camping in the great outdoors, but without proper planning things can easily go south. It is important to follow a few basic tips before you head out into wilderness to ensure that your camping experience goes as smoothly as possible. Whether you are heading on a camping trip abroad, or sticking closer to home, these suggestions will help you make the most out of your trip.

1. Pitch early

Pitch your tent two hours earlier than you think you need to. There is nothing worse than fiddling with tent poles as the sun is setting, leaving you in the dark with no place to sleep. Trust me, pitching a tent in the dark by only the light of a bouncy flashlight held by your toddler, is no way to start off a camping trip. If it is the first time you are using the tent, do a trial run at home. For some reason tent manufacturers like to make the process as

English: Modern 'dome' tent

frustrating and complicated as possible. Get to know your tent before you are depending on it for shelter.

2. Pack appropriate clothing

Check the average day and night temperatures of your camping destination. If you are in a desert area or high altitude, the weather can be absolutely steaming during the day but drop dramatically in the night. Shorts and tank tops may be sufficient while you hike in the afternoon, but be sure to pack jackets and long pants if there is a possibility for cooler weather (or bugs) in the evening.

3. Keep dry

Waking up in a puddle, soaked from head to toe, can put a damper (literally) on your camping trip. Bring an extra tarpaulin to ensure that your tent is waterproof. Avoid pitching the tent in any area with an incline so you don’t find yourself laying in a river if the rain starts. Bring extra socks as well, keeping your feet warm and dry can go a long way keeping you comfortable and healthy.

4. Find out what amenities your campsite offers

If you are going to need an electricity hookup to catch the latest game or charge your phone to get on Facebook, check that it is available at your campsite before you go. If you are uncomfortable doing your business in the woods, again, check that your campsite offers bathroom facilities. Once you have arrived and pitched your tent, you will be stuck with whatever amenities the campsite offers, or doesn’t offer. Do your research beforehand to ensure your camping site has all of the amenities you will require so you don’t arrive to any surprises that could deter your vacation.

5. Make a check-list

Note to self: You can not open a can of soup without a can opener. The simplest things left behind can become a major annoyance. Don’t spend your evening hitting your soup can with a rock so you can feed the clan, write out an extensive check-list before you leave and check it before you depart. Important essentials usually include items such as a bottle opener, cookware,  matches, flashlights, and first-aid kit. The nearest store may be miles away, make a check-list and get it right the first time.

Camping can be an extremely rewarding adventure. By following a few easy tips you will make the arrival to your campsite, and the trip itself, much more satisfying. Still, don’t sweat the small stuff. You are bound to run into hiccups along the way, but that is all a part of the camping experience.

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