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Tents – Buying on a Budget

How to choose a tentTents come in all shapes and sizes and with a range of prices to match most pockets.  However, if you’re buying on a budget you’re sure to want as much bang for your buck as possible and there are ways of making sure that a cheap tent is not a cheap tent, if you know what I mean.

Buy Online

One of the best ways of getting a great deal on a tent (and other camping equipment, come to that) is to buy online.  Okay, you don’t get to see what you’re getting until it arrives, This means you need to make sure you only consider tents with a full description and specs on the product page.  Avoid websites that don’t provide a full description of products – when buying a tent you really need to know what the features are as well as the exact size and weight.  If there’s not a full product description of the model you’re looking at on a particular site, it’s usually possible to visit the manufacturer’s website to read all about it.

Try eBay

If you’re looking on eBay, you don’t necessarily have to buy a used tent – there are plenty of ‘shops’ on eBay that sell brand new goods at great prices.  This is usually because these business sellers don’t have to maintain shop premises.  Their savings in overheads are passed on to their customers as bargain prices.  However, it’s often possible to buy once used items on eBay at really crazy prices and this is something worth considering.  If you don’t get caught up in a bidding war, then you could just get the tent of a lifetime for a song!  This means looking for items that nobody is bidding on – that’s a great way of looking for stuff on eBay.

Online Clearance Sales

Look out for online end-of-season clearance sales.  Many online stores will want to get rid of last year’s stock.  This is especially the case with online stores who often have limited storage space for products and may be desperate t clear their shelves in order to restock with the new season’s products.

High Street Shops Going out of Business

In the current economic climate many High Street shops have closed, even some of the larger national chains.  Look out for these stores that are closing down – they usually have the most amazing clearance sales.  Everything must go, literally.  If it’s a camping or outdoors shop, you’re bound to pick up some amazing bargains in the last few days.

If All Else Fails – Try Facebook J

Ask on Facebook.  No, I’m not joking – practically everybody uses Facebook these days so asking on this social media platform if anybody has a tent they want to get rid of is a great idea.  Facebook puts you in contact not just with your own friends, but with friends of friends and sharing is what it’s all about.  Post your search for a tent as your status update and ask your friends to share it – worth a try, especially if you end up with a great new tent at a bargain price.

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