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Simple Supper Ideas for Family Camping

The key to good camping grub is that it is simple, yet wholesome and filling. Campsite cooking can be fuelled by a variety of heat sources, from camping stoves to the classic campside fire. Whichever option you choose, these simple recipe ideas are guaranteed to provide you with a nutritious and delicious supper. All the meals featured can be created with the minimum amount of preparation and mess, meaning fewer dirty utensils to worry about .


Perhaps the easiest of all camping meals. Simply cut mushrooms, peppers and courgettes into equal sized chunks and skewer onto kebab sticks. The resulting kebabs are best cooked on a barbecue, however a campfire with a grill will also work well. The best part about this meal is that it is flexible. Different vegetables can be included into the mix, as can pieces of haloumi. For an even tastier kebab, the ingredients can be marinated in your favourite herbs and spices before hand,

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just store them in suitable containers or seal bags and leave them to infuse with flavour. For campers with cool boxes, meat can be included on the kebabs, but it is essential it is stored properly!


These are extremely easy and very fulfilling, with the eggs full of protein which will help fuel your camping adventures. If feeding a group of 4, fry some peppers and onions over a campfire or, more ideally, a camping stove. When the vegetables are softened, add 6 beaten eggs to the pan and leave to cook for around 7-10 minutes. Top with grated cheese for extra tastiness. This meal is beautifully simple and can be packed out with as much veg as you wish. To satisfy the hungriest of stomachs, add some part boiled slices of potato when frying the vegetables. For a meaty option, then add your favourite cured meat, such as chorizo or salami (due to the preservation process of curing, these meats should keep relatively well if stored in a cool. shady place).

Sausage and Bean Stew

This is real comfort food. If the night is chilly and you need warming up, then this meal comes as highly recommended. For ease, it is suggested chorizo is used as it come already cooked, however fresh sausages can also be used. Fry off the sausage (if using fresh sausage, make sure it is thoroughly cooked, if using chorizo then quickly fry until the juices start to run from the sausage) with some diced onions and peppers. Then, pour in a tin of chopped tomatoes and add a tin of mixed beans. Leave the stew to simmer until everything is cooked. Also, adding a small amount of chilli powder and paprika will really help to lift the flavour, as will the inclusion of garlic. These are not necessary, but if you have the space to include these ingredients when packing, then you should, as they will majorly transform the taste of the dish!

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And for Dessert…S’mores

S’mores are a firm camping favourite, especially in America and preparation is perhaps as easy as it comes. Skewer some marshmallows and briefly toast over a campfire (a minute or two will do). Add the toasted marshmallow to a digestive biscuit, with a piece of chocolate. Finish the sandwich with another digestive biscuit. Now while digestives are not the tradition s’more ingredient, they serve as an adequate replacement for Graham Crackers, which are hard to come by in the UK.

These recipes are all delicious, all satisfying and all easy to prepare. To add even more flavour, consider packing dried herbs and spices – they don’t take up much room and can make any mundane dish taste delicious. Also, consider planning meals ahead, it will work out easier in the long run. This may include deciding how many canned goods you wish to take, so you don’t overpack, which may result in unnecessarily heavy luggage. These recipes have avoided fresh meat, due to the simplicity vegetable options have. The emphasis of these meals is easiness combined with effectiveness. As previously mentioned, if you have the right kit, most notably an adequate cool box, then feel free to experiment with the addition of fresh meat. Just make sure it is thoroughly cooked, as cooking on a campfire may differ from what you are used to at home.




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