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Simple Breakfast Ideas for Family Camping

Breakfast is often touted as the most important meal of the day. This is especially important, when it is considered that camping holidays tend to promote a more active lifestyle than usual. Therefore, a good hearty breakfast is essential to fuel the day’s activities. Camping breakfasts are different to every day breakfasts, the bleary eyed shuffling around for toast and coffee before hitting the daily grind is replaced by the serenity of waking up with nature all around you. These hassle-free breakfast ideas embrace the simplicity of campsite cooking, without compromising on taste.

Eggy Bread

A tasty treat from your more youthful days, eggy bread is extremely easy to make and very satisfying. It is a particularly good camping breakfast, as the eggs do not require any special storage and it does not matter if the bread is a little dry or beginning to go stale. For two slices of eggy bread you will need two pieces of bread and two or three medium eggs (you will only need two if they are of a larger variety). Beat the eggs, and then place the bread into the beaten mixture,

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making sure the bread gets a good covering on all sides of egg. Think of the egg as a marinade – you want a nice even coverage. Fry the result wet, eggy bread, until the egg on the outside is cooked and begins to turn golden in colour. It really is that simple. Eggy bread can be served on it’s own, but those with larger appetites may wish to enjoy it with baked beans and bacon.


A staple breakfast for many, many years. Porridge offers high amounts of energy and is about as filling as breakfasts come. It also offers an easy way to have a portion of fruit in the morning, simply add chopped fruit into the bowl and stir into the mixture. For those without cool boxes, simply substitute fresh milk for almond milk. Almond milk is equally as tasty and does not require refrigeration until being opened, making it an ideal substitute for regular mik.



Pancakes offer the same flexibility as porridge does at breakfast time. This is because they will taste delicious with as much fruit that you can throw at them, meaning a head start in the battle to secure your five-a-day. Again, for those without cool boxes, almond milk can be substituted in place of fresh milk. An even easier option is to use a pre-made pancake mix, there are many available

fresh bread and pancakes with fig jam

and they just require the addition of water – this means less mess, but the same delicious tasting pancakes.

Breakfast Frittata

The equivalent of the classic cooked breakfast, only in frittata form. Fry a potato cut into small slices, bacon and sausage to begin with. When the meat is around half cooked, add a diced onion. After around five or six minutes of the onions being added to the pan, add some chopped mushrooms. Then add three of four beaten eggs to the pan, covering all the meat, potato and vegetables. Gently stir as the contents of the pan cooks. The result is a convenient take on a breakfast classic, which only requires one pan. Following this guide will produce a frittata to feed two.

Enjoying the simple, yet fun, meals of camping is not just restricted to dinner time, as these breakfast ideas show. Incorporating fruit into breakfast is always a good idea as it will give you an added boost of energy and nutrients. This is essential if you are planning a more active camping trap, which may include hiking, climbing and other such strenuous activities. On days that energetic activities are planned, chocolate can be included in pancakes and porridge, along with fruit, for some extra energy.

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