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Rising Costs of Family Holidays

| On 18, Sep 2013

Going on holiday is the major treat of the year for most families.  Of course, Christmas is also a treat, but Christmas is unavoidable – it’s everywhere and you can’t help but join in, whatever your budget.  Whatever your financial situation, you always manage to ‘do’ Christmas, whether it’s more of a budget affair with lots of homemade presents or whether you splash out and have a huge Christmas with lots of expensive toys and food.  However, holidays involve more of a determined choice and if you’re feeling the pinch it’s easy enough to make the decision to forego a holiday this year in favour of keeping the cash for other things.

Carry On Camping

This needn’t be the case – there are plenty of ways of enjoying a great family holiday without it having to cost a small fortune.  Taking the kids camping is a great way of doing the family holiday on a budget and there’s plenty for the kids to do if you choose the right campsite at the right location.

A family camping holiday is usually much cheaper than staying in a hotel at one of the world’s popular holiday resorts.  If you already have all the camping gear, then it’s simply a matter of making sure you can afford the travel to and from the campsite, food for the duration (camping by its very nature means self-catering) and enough for a few family days out at local attractions.  The camping charges are usually surprisingly reasonable when you want to pitch a tent or pull up a caravan/motor home.  If you don’t have a tent or camping gear, look online for some of the campsites that include hire of the gear in the cost – an increasing number do so nowadays.  You can hire modern luxury tents with all the equipment you need for a great camping experience.

Take Advantage of the Countryside – it’s Free

If you’re on a really tight budget, then choosing to camp somewhere near nature reserves/national parks is a great way of ensuring that the days out don’t cost too much.  Spending the day hiking through the woods and having a picnic can be just as enjoyable for the kids as a day at a theme park and you’ll usually find that there’s nothing to spend your money on when you’re out in the countryside.  No ice cream shops, candy floss stalls, burger bars, etc – all these treats add up to a pretty penny when you’re buying for all the family.

Many campsites or woodland parks have adventure playgrounds where the kids can play to their hearts content – this can be a lot more exciting than riding the roller coasters and this sort of physical activity is great for developing self-confidence in kids.

Activity Centre Treats

Check out any nearby activity centres for special treat days – kayaking, archery, rock climbing, pony trekking – most of these activities cost about the same as entry to a tourist attraction (but without the additional extras of ice creams, pop, etc).  Learning a new skill or getting involved in a new hobby is great for kids of any age – it will broaden their horizons and have a much longer lasting impression than a day at the fair.

Get the Kids to Join in with Chores

Taking the kids camping will keep them occupied in a whole new way – get them joining in with the camping way of life.  Helping with food preparations is much more fun outdoors and, who knows, they might even find that washing up duties are more enjoyable when shared at a communal facility on a campsite.  Most of the everyday chores like cooking and washing take a little longer when you’re camping – making these activities part of the fun will encourage the kids to join in and stop them getting bored.

Unlike adults, most kids are not looking for luxury and relaxation when they’re on holiday – they just want to have Fun with a capital F.


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