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The Rise Of UK Staycation Holidays

The Rise Of UK Staycation Holidays

| On 23, Dec 2013

First of all we need to look at what the word “staycation” means.  Basically, it’s a holiday in which a person or whole family stays at home and enjoys trips and activities within driving distance (or public transport distance, if you will), returning to sleep in their own beds every night.  This type of holiday has been on the rise and it’s easy to see why.  The current economic climate (a term which we’ve been using for several years now, without any end in view) has led us all to look at ways of saving some money.  Most of us no longer had the spending power we enjoyed until the Global Recession of 2009 reared its ugly head.  We’re all looking at ways of making our money go further and one of the luxuries that many of us have had to forego is the holiday abroad.

However, it’s not that much cheaper to holiday in a hotel in the UK (sometimes it can actually be more expensive than a package holiday abroad!).  Staycations are on the rise in the UK and in other parts of the world and opting for this type of holiday can have many benefits besides saving a few quid.


Many of us are so familiar with our own local areas that we neglect to explore them fully and find out just what’s on offer.  The UK is steeped in history and there are plenty of historical sites to visit wherever you happen to live.  Chances are that there are stately homes and other historical attractions that you can visit within driving distance of your home that you’ve probably never visited.


England isn’t known as “this green and pleasant land” for nothing, you know – the UK is chock full of some of the most beautiful countryside in the world.  This means that most of us live within a bus ride of the countryside and so much of the countryside in the UK is free to visit.  Then there are the country parks all over the UK, many of which are designated areas of outstanding beauty.  Pack the family into the car with a picnic in the cool box and get ready for a great day out exploring your local countryside.  If you’re not using the car, then check out the bus routes and see how far you can get on daily saver tickets.

Down on the farm

What about visiting your local city farm for a day out – these can be really interesting places for family visits.  The kids can learn a bit about how to care for animals and there’s usually a vegetable garden or orchard where they can learn about where the food on the tea table originally comes from.  You never know, you may enjoy it so much that you join a group of local volunteers that helps to run the place.


Wherever you live in the UK, city, town or village, there are sure to be plenty of activities that you can do.  Check out local websites (your Local Authority website as well as others) and you’re sure to find a wealth of different activities that you can do.  whether these are sporting activities (try to find a local climbing wall or archery class for something a bit different), craft activities (try your hand at some of the old skills that are being lost or find a workshop that lets you try out one of the new crafts that are being developed with new materials) or learning new skills.


Check out the local tourist attractions near where you live.  There may be fairgrounds, mining museums, maritime museums, etc.  This is a great way of learning more about where you live and can turn out to be a great part of your holiday at home.

Why not try a “staycation” holiday next year?  it’s a great way of finding out more about what your little part of the UK has to offer to residents as well as visitors and can be a lot cheaper (and more interesting) than flying off overseas for an expensive beach holiday – and you have the added benefit that you’re sure to understand the lingo!

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