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Planning a Camping Trip – Stock up in Advance

If you’re a regular camper, then you’ll know that it can be a pretty expensive business stocking up for one of your trips.  You need to buy food that’s easy to cook and sometimes you need to buy stuff in smaller sizes that are easier to manage in a tighter space – this is usually a pretty expensive business.  However, with a bit of forward planning, you should be able to cut some costs here and also always be prepared for the odd spur of the moment getaway.

When you do your regular household shopping, try to make a habit of buying an extra item of two to set aside for your camping trips.  Have a box or crate in a garage or spare room where you can store your camping food supply and add to it regularly – this can be your ‘camping fund’.  This means that you can look out for smaller sizes (which are usually more expensive) when they’re on special offer.

When you find household basics on offer, such as tea bags, coffee, sugar, rice, pasta – don’t just stock up for your kitchen cupboards, pop one into your camping fund as well.  And don’t just stop at foodstuffs – you can do this with toiletries, colouring books and pencils for the kids, all sorts of stuff.  If somebody gives you a stack of magazines – pop them in with the camping fund – they’re sure to come in useful at some point.

This habit will leave you with more money to spend on enjoying yourself when you do get away in the caravan – you won’t have to rush to the supermarket at the last minute to stock up on everything.  You should have all the basics ready to go and could probably leave it until you reach your holiday destination to buy a load of fresh stuff – bread, vegetables, salad and fruits, etc.

Even better, if you fancy a quick escape or get invited somewhere at the last minute, you’ll be ready to go at the drop of a hat.  Just load your ‘camping fund’ into the caravan and off you go.

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