How does your childhood rate?

Just for fun see how many childhood activities you have done and discover what type of kid you are or once were.

Score range categories

Score Category
0-20 Bubble Kid
21-40 Indoors Kid
41-59 Active Kid
60+ Outdoors Kid!
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Childhood Bucket List Ideas

Bucket List Activities Done
Climb a tree
Roll down an hill
Go Camping
Build a fort
Go Skimming
Dance in the rain
Fly a kite
Go fishing
Go apple picking, eat an apple.
Go conker picking, play conkers.
Build a snowman
Hunt for hidden treasure on the beach
Make a mud pie
Play in a stream
Go  Sledging
Be buried in sand
Create a snail race
Clamber on a fallen tree
Swing on a rope swing
Fly down a mud slide
Eat wild blackberries
Take a peek inside a tree
Run into the wind
Hunt for fossils and bones
Watch the sun rise
Climb a huge hill
Wash under a waterfall
Feed a bird from your hand
Build a bug farm
Find some frogspawn
Tackle a wave
Catch a butterfly
Wild animal tracking
Explore a pond
Call an owl
Learn how to swim
Explore a rock pool
Bring up a butterfly
Catch a crab
Go on a night nature walk
Plant your own food, eat your own food.
Go swimming in the wild
Go rafting
Start a camp fire without matches
Go exploring with just a map and compass
Go bouldering
Cook on a campfire
Abseil down a rock face
Go on a treasure hunt
Canoe down a river
Play messy twister (Twister with pools of paint)
Play bulldogs charge
Eat smores on an outdoor BBQ
Cover the entire driveway in chalk
Graze my knees
Spend the day cloud watching in a park
Play outside all day long
Play balloon tennis
Make a flower chain
Build a go-kart
Visit a farm
Learn to ride a bike
Start a junk stand
Bored. Invent a game
Get stung by nettles
Join the cubs, scouts, brownies
Train for a sport
Go camping in the garden
Raise a pet
Visit a themepark
Have a pillow fight



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