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Outdoor Games The Whole Family Can Enjoy

Outdoor Games The Whole Family Can Enjoy

Camping with children – keep them entertained!

Camping with the whole family can be a great holiday for everyone involved, but on the odd occasion there may be times when some form of entertainment is needed for the children where electronic gadgets may have filled the gap at home.

Here are a few ideas to keep the little ones entertained or to keep you all entertained. These games have no age limits so you can all get involved – or put your feet up and watch the children have fun instead!

Giant Games

This idea may sound a little silly to the seasoned camper. Space is usually at a premium unless you have an enormous caravan, trailer or a large verandah.

Giant Jenga is a great game and can be bought in a neat little carry bag, so is easy to transport. There are different sizes of the game so you can decide how compact you would like it to be. You can really get the whole family involved in this one and it can almost be addictive as you try harder and harder to be careful and not knock the tower over.

Giant Snakes and Ladders is just like the board game version but with extra rules. As each person is their own counter, there are various activities you have to do on some of the squares to keep everyone entertained as they play. The plastic mat packs away very easily and there is a giant inflatable die which is more fun to throw than a normal die – just make sure it doesn’t blow away across the camp site!

Traditional Games

There are a number of traditional games that you can play as a family, which have given families a lot of enjoyment for centuries.

Croquet Sets are a great way to play together as a family and can be played in both silly fun ways and also in more seriously tactical ways. Croquet is a game played quite seriously as a sport so can get quite competitive. On the other hand, the game can be enjoyed by all ages, and some croquet sets even have smaller mallets for younger children to use. Croquet requires each player to knock balls around a course through hoops. This can be set up on any grassy surface so it is a great game for camping. It is usually easier to play if the ground is flat. There are so many different croquet sets out there, that you could pick one up for very little money or spend a lot depending on how serious you are on the game. If you want to know the exact rules of the game you can read them at this croquet website – just no crying when you loose.

Boules are another traditional game that can involve the entire family. The rules are simple and if you’re camping at French holiday park you’ll see plenty of them. You throw the small ball or ‘jack’ and on your turn you throw each ball (sometimes metal but can be plastic) to get as close to the jack as possible. This can also be a game of tactics and is definitely helped by a certain level of accuracy. The frustrations of your ball being knocked away from the jack, just as you are about to win is always a means for becoming addicted to the game! You can buy some reasonably priced boules in a metal box these days and the carry case makes taking them camping very convenient and easy to pack away. There are also plastic sets, which do not have such a classy looking box but if you think your children may lose the balls it may be worth going for this cheaper option. Either way, I can assure you that your whole family will want to play this game again and again.

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