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Making Airports Fun For Kids

Making Airports Fun For Kids

| On 20, Sep 2013

When we’re travelling by air it can often be a mad dash to get to the airport on time.  We rush when we’re leaving the house, racking our brains to think of what we’ve forgotten to do or to pack before setting off on a journey.  Then there’s the stress of travelling to the airport.  Whether it’s by car, bus, train or taxi, there’s always that worry in the back of our minds that something will go wrong and we won’t reach the airport in time for our flight.  As we travel to the airport, we’re usually pretty much in stress mode.

Once we arrive at the airport, then all the worries are over and that stress mode turns into a restless feeling.  We generally need to arrive at the airport at least two hours before our flight departs and then after all the rushing around, it can be hard to relax.  We’re left with that twitchy feeling while we hang around waiting for the flight to be called.  If you’re on a family holiday and have the kids with you then the t witchy feeling usually spreads to the kids and they get bored and irritated hanging around in limbo waiting for the holiday proper to begin.  Kids hate waiting round doing nothing, especially when they’re in Hyper Holiday mode.

Sink into Soft Play

Quite a few airports nowadays will have facilities specially for the kids.  If you have little ones with you, then look for a Soft Play area – this will probably be the safest place for the kids to play in the airport and you can keep a watchful eye and do a bit of deep breathing to try to relax ready for the flight.  Even babies will enjoy Soft Play (although a parent will need to be with them at all times to ensure safety) – babies enjoy watching the older kids playing, and will sometimes even just sit on the edges, fascinated by these kids who can do all the important playing things that they’ve yet to learn.

Entertain Them

If the kids are too old to romp around in a padded playground, look for one of the family friendly lounges with TVs showing kids’ shows and cartoons – however, there are often charges for these facilities.

If you have a tablet or portable DVD player, then it’s worth taking along on your travels.  The kids will be able to watch a film or favourite show while waiting for the flight (or even on the flight) to keep them entertained.  Much better than having them people watching and making up games like “Who can Spot the Ugliest Old Lady” and other totally embarrassing family pastimes.

Arcade Action

Most airports these days will have an arcade section where the kids can play games, this might seem an expensive option, but blowing a tenner on keeping them entertained for a while can be a good idea if you’re already stressed and just need to catch your breath.  They’ll be too preoccupied to keep asking Why? and How? and this could be just the break you need before your flight.

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