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Indoor Camping With The Kids

Indoor Camping With The Kids

| On 17, Jun 2015

Although we’d love our summers to be choc-full of heat, sun and outdoorsy bliss, the reality often departs from our wishes. Thunderstorms, rain and the dreaded wind chill factor all often conspire to ruin our outdoor summertime plans, but even if the weather isn’t beautiful, there are still ways to enjoy that most summery of pastimes, camping! Here are some great tips on how to get that fire-toasted campout experience, all within the comfort of one’s own home.

Pitch Up

There are a number of ways one can pitch a tent indoors, each depending on the items you have at your disposal. If you have tents that don’t need to be hammered to the ground, pitch these up in the largest room in your home, however if you don’t then grab a large, light sheet, position some tall, heavy chairs as four corner supports. Within moments the camping scene will unfurl in front of your eyes.

Where To Sleep

To get the full camping experience, it’s most fun to sleep within your creations overnight! This could mean cracking out the sleeping bags and base sheets, or, if your kids sleep in a bunk bed, hanging the tent sheet from the ceiling corners, draping down to the floor. Bunk beds can act as a great back wall to the ‘tent’; if you’ve been thinking of getting one, cheap options are abound at online sites such as Bedstar. The main trick here is to keep it comfortable – you are indoors, after all, so there’s no need to stand back cramps and uncomfortable floors!


Whether it be twinkling rows of fairy lights draped over the tents or hanging from the ceiling, or flickering rows of candles surrounding a pile of dry wood in the centre of the ‘campsite’, there’s a host of ways you can accessorise your front room, making it all the more authentic. Obviously you need to get out all of the duvets, covers, pillows and beanbags possible, but think about bringing all of the ingredients to make s’mores (roasting the marshmallows using tea lights, placed on a dinner plate for safety) or a guitar for midnight sing-a-longs!

Tell Campfire Stories!

The best part of the camping experience, I’m sure you’ll agree, is the storytelling. Either make one up on the spot, find some fun ones online, or ‘crowdsource’ your story! With crowdsourcing, the campers must tell a story by each saying one sentence before the next individual says theirs. All of the lines have to flow in to one another, but the resulting story will be hilarious, as well as boosting your kids’ imaginations!

Know of any other great tips on how to make an indoor campout a success? Share them below!


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