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Is Glamping Really Camping?

Is Glamping Really Camping?

| On 27, Nov 2013

What is it about glamping brings out the worst in those who love camping? There is something about some campers that seems to force them to proclaim how they love being close to Mother Nature and that camping is the only way to make scarce resources last in this current world of austerity.  Let’s face it, who cares if your sleeping bag really is 20 years old. If people like you spent a little more in the shops in this day and age we wouldn’t be dealing with austerity so, go buy a new sleeping bag or better still spend some money glamping.

Things to Look Out For Glamping

Even if you stay in a luxury tipi you are still convening with Mother Nature. The dawn chorus will wake you through the walls of your luxury yurt just as it would through the thin fabric of your little pup tent.  The difference is whether you step out of bed onto soft Axminster rugs as you move towards the pristine shower with its soft luxury Egyptian cotton towels or slip across cold man made fabric to a leaky cold shower in a shared experience.  The real joy of glamping is the fact that you are close to nature but you don’t have to put up with the less civilised aspects of this type of holiday. No more back ache, cold showers in the morning, or leaky groundsheets. A yurt or tipi provides space to house all of the features you would want from a comfortable holiday.

So are those who are too posh to pitch with the rest of us really to be derided for their lack of engagement with Mother Nature at a basic level or are we just exhibiting a more than generous slice of green eye?  For many glamping is a laudable way of spending your holiday as it is easy on the eye as well as being easy on the environment.

Many people who cuddle up under canvas surrounded by duck down and Axminster choose to do so because of the boost they give to their greed credentials.   Be it salmon fishing in Montana, safari in Africa or just a getaway with the kids in Cornwall, glamping certainly offers all of the benefits (plus a few extras) of camping without the drawbacks.

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