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The Best Free Camping Mobile Apps

The Best Free Camping Mobile Apps

Camping is typically billed as an escape into nature. Of course, it is this, but it no longer has to be – at least not in the strictest interpretation. Today, you can easily avoid modern amenities while camping, but there’s no reason you have to. Smart phones actually make excellent camping gear options thanks to camping applications. I’ve spent some time tracking down the best free camping mobile applications. Here’s what I found:



This application is incredible for the camper who likes exploring new campsites and hiking trails. Heading to a new site or find yourself yearning to hike on vacation, but you don’t have a trail map of the area? No worries. This app boasts a whopping 40,000+ trail guides. You can search for trails near you, so you can start hiking without fear of getting lost. Users can add trails reviews, so you can know in advance if a trail may be too difficult for your kids. You can also add new trails to the database so that your favorite hikes can be shared with other hiking lovers.


Camp Recipes!

Getting food for a camping trip can be one of the most stressful parts of the packing process. This application, which is run by Coleman, takes away much of that stress. You tell it how many days you’re going and how many people will be on the trip. Then, you choose recipes for each meal of each day and it makes the packing list for you! Never again will you worry if there is enough food for all your hungry campmates. The added search options of cooking style, like “foil” or “Dutch oven,” are also helpful.

Oh Ranger! ParkFinder

Want to go on a trip but are don’t know where to camp? This little guide will answer all of your questions. You can search the database by location and activity to find one that matches your needs. The app is really perfect if you’re on a road trip and looking for a campsite along your way.



Survival Guide

This app is a digitized version of the U.S. Military Survival Manual. Knowing that, you can be confident that no matter the survival situation you are in, you can read how to fix it. This ranges from packing a survival kit to setting up a tent to handling venomous snakebites.



Campers List

This is a very simple app that ensures you leave the house with all of the camping gear you need. It has 108 camping items preloaded onto the list, and you can add more of your own. You can also create camping events, so you have your packing lists divided into separate groups. Items can be categorized into “have” or “need,” so you know what needs to be picked up from the store before the trip. Move each item to “packed” once you’re leaving on the trip, and you’ll reach the campsite with all the gear you need!


Liz Childers writes for Lost in the Woods, the official blog of Camping Gear Outlet, a company that can help you find the perfect tent for camping. 

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  1. Joe Oliver

    I love the all trails app. I am constantly looking for new trails I have not discovered. This app really makes it easy.

    The Park Finder App sounds interesting I will have to download that now. Curious how many places are out there I have not been to yet.

    Thanks for posting this.

    Good info.

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