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My Favourite Childhood Memories

My Favourite Childhood Memories

| On 20, May 2014

When you think of your childhood memories I’m guessing many things pop into your mind. The illicit sweetie or bubblegum perhaps. Or maybe a favourite toy, or the Christmas tree lit in its special place. Memories from childhood are what stay with us and often they are the things we seek to re-discover as adults or use to re-ignite passions or dreams.

One of my favourite memories of childhood is riding a friend’s Chopper bike. It was the real deal. I was so disappointed because my parents wouldn’t allow me to have one (or a Grifter for that matter, how unfair?!) In those days the road on which we lived was quiet and long. The perfect place to practice games, skateboarding, cycling etc. It was also on a slight incline which meant if you rode uphill, you could then pedal for all you were worth coming back down again and feel the sensation of the wind blowing in your face and hair. And if you were on a Chopper, you could whip those pedals backwards and make the most incredible skidding marks on the tarmac! Oh I spent as many moments as my friend would allow me, trying to make bigger and better skids.

There was a TV programme on at the time called Chips-does anyone remember that? I think it was about two guys who were motorbike police officers. It was an American show but boy was it popular. Every child wanted to be like the men in Chips. And the Chopper was perfect for that too. Because of it’s design, you could sit on it and freewheel down the slope pretending you were in fact a US policeman cruising the highways in search of criminals.

I remember playing outside a lot as a child. Around the age that my children are now in fact. But I wouldn’t dream of allowing them to play on the street today-too many cars and traffic that drives insanely fast just make that feel impossible.

So, playing outdoors has to be done in other ways and in other places these days. Allowing our children to create their own memories by having fun and enjoying themselves is surely one of the many important jobs of parents. Days out to forests, parks and open spaces can still give children a sense of freedom. But holiday time is probably the best opportunity to let them go just a little and allow them the freedom to play, learn and explore on their own.

This is what I love about holiday parks and camping parks. Children can have a sense of freedom while parents can keep an eye out from a distance. It’s probably the closest we have today to the time when playing out on the street was something every child did at some point or other.

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