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Taking the family to see the Northern Lights

Taking the family to see the Northern Lights

| On 19, Dec 2013

The holiday season is almost here, so if you’re planning an adventure, take your family to see the Northern Lights. Also known as Aurora Borealis, the experience will certainly exceed their expectations. The phenomenon is one of the world’s most spectacular nature displays triggered by geomagnetic storms of the Earth’s outer atmosphere. Visible throughout the winter season, the light show can be seen from several parts around the world.

Ethereal and elusive, the Northern Lights are like a colorful dance of nocturnal rainbows that viewers will find it extremely appealing and unbelievably eye-catching. Mostly visible in the Arctic region, travelers have at their disposal several essential spots to admire the Aurora Borealis. Let’s have a closer look at some of the best ones.


The Northern Lights are absolutely spectacular from Scandinavia. Throughout the year’s colder months, plenty of visitors come to this part of the world to admire the light show. Avid aurora-seekers are known for their determination to drive across borders (Finland to Norway for instance) in order to find cloudless conditions and benefit from the experience to the fullest. Spots close to the Arctic Circle in Finland, Norway, and Sweden provide the best chances for travelers to see the Northern Lights. In spite of the extremely cold weather, tourists of all ages are willing to endure the conditions for a couple of hours only to get a better glance at the beautiful phenomenon.

Alaska – Denali National Park

Traveling all the way to Denali Park in Alaska may not be the definition of a perfect family holiday. Yet, the location is famous for its spectacular northern light show. Make sure to arrive early in the season to avoid dreadful weather conditions. Families with kids who are not that fond of venturing in the wild to see the Aurora Borealis can stop by the city of Fairbanks in Alaska. The landscape is just as appealing, and the variety of touring companies that promise unforgettable experiences is endless. They offer nighttime rides in the countryside, and as an added bonus the University of Fairbanks can predict the exact time the Northern Lights are present on the skyline.

Canada’s Northwest Territories

The Northwest Territories of Canada are excellent for tourists who want to see the Northern Lights. Yellowknife is a beautiful city where the experience can be enjoyed to the fullest during the winter season. The city has an excellent infrastructure for international tourism, so there are plenty of tours you can opt for while here. The lights are a lot more visible in the wilderness; ego, tourists are advised to make a reservation with an operator to benefit from additional activities such as nighttime sightseeing rides on dog sleds or sleighs.


Iceland is the motherland of the Northern Lights, yet for the best views tourists are advised to check out the Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon. Located about 250 km from the main capital of Reykjavik, on Iceland’s south coast, the spot is perfect from all points of view. It costs roughly $31 per person to enjoy a boat tour of the entire lagoon and concentrate on admiring the marvelous scenery.

Northern Lights tips tourists can’t ignore

Admiring the surreal Northern Lights will make your winter holiday a lot merrier. Families should prepare themselves as the experience won’t just amaze them, it will blow them away. There’s always a chance to miss the phenomenon, so that’s why you are advised to check out these essential tips that will significantly boost your chances of catching the superb aurora.

  • Go north – we’re talking here about countries and regions like Norway, Lapland, Greenland, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, and Canada; the closer you get to the Arctic Circle the higher chances you have to see the lights
  • Check the weather – it’s essential to catch a cloudless sky
  • Consider the services of a tour guide – they’re experienced in the domain and usually have additional services included (accommodation, winter activities and more)
  • Don’t bother taking photos – unless you’re a professional photographer taking shots of the lights is useless; you need special equipment so it’s best to just enjoy the show than spend hours fixing your camera

A family vacation up north, close to the Arctic Circle, will surely please your kids eager to see Lapland, Santa’s town. A trip to see the Northern Lights in Iceland or Norway won’t just make your holidays better, but also extremely entertaining. Lodge into the most soothing winter resort, appreciate the superb surroundings, and convert your journey into a memorable adventure.

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