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Essential Items For A Caravan Road Trip

Essential Items For A Caravan Road Trip

When it comes to planning a holiday, deciding where to go and when to leave is usually top of the agenda. Yet these aren’t the only preparations you need to make and caravan road trips come with a long list of essential ingredients.


1. Sat Nav

The first item on any list of essentials has to be this modern navigational gadget. Whilst it is still worth planning your route the old fashioned way, having one of these in the driving seat with you will prove invaluable – especially if you need to make an unscheduled stop at services.


2. Torch

Not only will this prove useful should you need to navigate your way around your chosen destination at night but it is also great for taking a look under your vehicle should you encounter any mechanical failures.


3. Plastic Crockery

One of the best features of a caravan holiday is the ability to cook for yourself – but it’s amazing how many people forget to take suitable crockery with them. Don’t pack anything valuable or breakable as these items do not fare well when travelling in a caravan but opt for durable plastic items instead.


4. Insurance

No matter what length of trip you intend to take, caravan insurance is a vital ingredient. This will help protect you against the financial implications of a breakdown and should be high on your to-do list before you depart.


5. First Aid Kit

It is an unfortunate fact of life that accidents can happen. Whilst you can’t always prevent these from happening you can take the necessary precautions to ensure they are dealt with appropriately.

This means packing a first aid kit. You may even want to enrol yourself on a first aid course; something which can be considered a great asset to prospective employers.


6. TV Aerial

In a world dominated by portable computers and smartphones, it may seem strange that you’d need something as simple as a TV aerial when taking your road trip. However, most of us rely on small portable TVs when it comes to catching up on our favourite programmes whilst away and, depending on your location, getting a decent signal may prove difficult. Leave nothing to chance and get your hands on a portable aerial – they’re easy to find and relatively cheap.


7. Entertainment

Long journeys can be tiresome – both for passengers and drivers. Packing suitable entertainment materials such as books, music collections and films (providing you have a device capable of playing them) is therefore vital. This is especially important if you’re travelling with children who will typically suffer from boredom far quicker than adults.


8. Wheel Clamp

Once you’ve reached your destination it is important that you keep your caravan as safe as possible. Nowadays, many people choose to have their caravans alarmed but it is also worth investing in a wheel clamp which will ensure your mobile home doesn’t relocate itself whilst you’re out for the day.


9. Waste Bin

Another commonly overlooked item, waste bins are essential for any caravan road trip. Collecting a week’s worth of rubbish in carrier bags will soon prove problematic in a caravan, especially if you’re travelling in hot weather. A small waste bin is the perfect answer and can usually be stored out of sight.


10. Caravan

Last, but by no means least, it’s important that during all these preparations you don’t forget the most important thing: the caravan! If towing your mobile home then make sure it is attached to the car securely and ensure your number plate and lights are all clearly visible and fully operational before hitting the road.

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