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Are You Choosing Your Camping Gear Wisely?

Are You Choosing Your Camping Gear Wisely?

| On 11, Dec 2013

Going for camping in a deserted wilderness presents its own set of challenges. Surviving the challenges posed by Nature in absence of a proper roof over your head is not a mean task. Facing these adversities has its own fun. But remember, you need to “face” and not be defeated by them. Make sure that you’re taking the right steps to do the same. One of the crucial things that you have to keep in view in this regard is your camping gear. The camping gear generally includes materials required for cooking, shelter, clothing, sleeping etc. Not every camper out there would require exactly the same gear. The type of the gear that one chooses differs with the number of co-campers, the climate of the place he is visiting etc. Here are a few tips to select your camping gear properly.

Consider the Season You’re Traveling In

As already mentioned above, the season you’re traveling in, plays the most crucial factor in determining the camping gear. You will be able to find different sleeping bags designed for different seasons. Male and female campers would be able to find different sleeping bags in compliance with their body types as well. It is important to check the label of the sleeping bag so as to find out about the temperature rating of the bag. A lightweight bag is not really suitable for a place having very cool temperatures but are ideal for summer camping. Try and duly find out if the bag is spacious enough to contain your head, torso and feet together. Find it out by getting in and out of the bag several times, before buying the same.

How Many People Are Traveling Together?

The size of the group is one of the major factors determining the camping gear. Whether you’re backpackers or else car campers- try to zero in on a shelter that is big enough to hold the entire family. The car campers should choose tents that offer privacy screens in case several people are sleeping. Also make sure that your co-campers are getting enough space to sit up. The backpackers should opt for tents that are large enough to accommodate all the campers and also light enough so that they can be carried easily.

Backpackers and Car Campers Might Carry Different Cookware

Cooking remains an essential part when you are camping. Though you might not exactly indulge in preparing elaborate dishes while you’re out in the wilderness, you still need to take care of the fact that the basic cooking is duly taken care of. In order to do that you need to ensure that you’re carrying the right cookware for yourself. While the 2 or 3 burner camping stoves are best suited for the car campers, the one-burners are more appropriate for backpackers since they are lightweight. The multi-use cookware is a great option for someone who is packing light.

Choosing the Sleeping Pad Prudently Is Important

You should specially take care of choosing a sleeping pad sagaciously when you’re traveling in the cooler season. Even the thin sleeping pads can turn out to be very effective when it comes to insulating your tent from the ability of the ground to absorb the warmth out of you. The tent floors solely can’t do the same. The thin foam pads are more suitable for backpackers. But if you’re car camping then you might as well carry the pads having the combination of air and foam for the purposes of insulation and comfort at the same time.

Author Bio: Jonny is a well-traveled blogger who works at asap travel tickets and loves to share his enjoyable traveling experiences with his readers.

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