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Five Checks Before You Set off in your Caravan for the First Time

Summer’s just about here in the UK.  Okay it might not be hot and sunny every day, but it’s warmer than it was back in the winter and many people in the UK are thinking of summer holidays.  With only a few weeks to go until the schools break up for summer, holiday preparations should be well underway.  Caravan holidays have always been popular in the UK, whether we travel within the British Isles or whether we choose to dash over to mainland Europe and travel a bit further afield.  Whichever you choose, if this is your first trip this year, there are 5 simple checks you need to do before setting off in your caravan for the first time.

  1. Check the tyres.  Hopefully you’ve been rotating the wheels of your caravan on a regular basis over the winter to distribute the weight evenly.  Now it’s time to give your tyres a thorough check to cracking, warping and bulging.  You’ll also need to check the tyre pressure and top up if necessary.  Having a flat is the last thing you need when you set out on your first trip of the season.
  2. Check for Damp.  If not treated promptly, damp causes immense damage to the inside of a caravan.  If you’ve been checking on a regular basis all winter, then all should be fine.  If not, check around the windows and doors for signs of leaks.  Check all the upholstery for signs of damp.  Give everything a good sniff (you’ll smell the damp easier than you will see it) and, if it’s a sunny day, put the cushions out in the sunshine for a couple of hours.  If not, you can prop all the cushions against your household radiators for a couple of hours which will have them feeling fresh and airy in no time.
  3. Be Safe and Secure.  Check all your safety and security equipment, including locks and alarms to make sure everything is in good working order.  Make sure that your First Aid kit is well stocked and make sure that your breakdown kit has all the components you may need in case of trouble.
  4. Tanks and Appliances.  You’ll need to perform your usual annual sterilisation and flush through of the water tank and pipe system in your caravan.
  5. Check your cooker (light each of the gas jets to ensure no blockages) and make sure you have plenty of gas.  Give the fridge a good clean (using water with some bicarbonate of soda mixed in) to get rid of any musty smells and switch on for a couple of hours to make sure both fridge and freezer compartment are working correctly.

Taking an afternoon perform these simple 5 checks before you set off in your caravan will give you the peace of mind that you need when setting off on your first trip.  After all, the last thing you need when swanning off for a weekend in your mobile home is for anything to go wrong and delay your journey.

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