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The top 5 cheapest places to Ski in Europe.

The top 5 cheapest places to Ski in Europe.

The current economic climate means the purse strings often have to be tightened, however, with a little bit of research, an adventurous spirit and some of course you skis; you can take a budget ski holiday in Europe. So, where are the best places to ski for cheap on the continent?

Jasna, Slovakia

Eastern Europe is good bet for cheap skiing and Slovakia has resorts that are a lot better than most. Placed in the Low Tatras, Jasna is a good bet for skiing and rises to an altitude of over 2,000m with a 1,000m drop. Slovakia is renowned for its low cost drinks and three meals for under £5, making it an enviable place to visit for skiers. Flights are also on the low end of the scale and provided by Ryanair and other budget airlines. Liptovsky, which is close by also provides great night time fun too, so you get the best of both worlds at a low price.

Kopaonik, Serbia

This recently refurbished resort is very popular with the more wealthy locals and has 23 chair lifts and a drip of over 800m. The slopes are also flood lit, so if you don’t want to take advantage of the 80p beer you can ski at night. The nightlife is also pretty full on, so you can enjoy all of these benefits too if you like. Food and drink is also on the low end of the scale, meaning eating out is great for those on a budget.

Garmisch – Partenkirchen, Germany

With the Euro constantly on a slide, Brits are getting good value for their money these days and this Bavarian resort is certainly a worthwhile visit for those who don’t want to leave for Eastern Europe or the overly popular French Alps. The amazing scenery makes this area the perfect place to visit and relax in and don’t worry there’s plenty of skiing too. With 43 pistes and 38 lifts you have plenty of choice and all are available on the low cost ‘Happy Ski’ pass. It has trails of nearly 2 miles long and is Germany’s only glacial skiing region.

The Highlands, Scotland

Holidaying at home has received a big push during the Olympics and skiing at home is also quite practical. Scotland has five slopes and you’ll often find one open from October to March, depending on the weather. Scotland may not offer the best skiing in Europe all the time, but get a good fall of snow and an urge for some last minute skiing and it’s a great low cost option that’s easy to get to and doesn’t involve UK immigration.

Borovets, Bulgaria

Positioned around 1,300m up in the Rita Mountains, Borovets is renowned as a budget ski resort and there are plenty of open pistes to take advantage of. It’s quite gentle and perfect for those who tick the novice box making it ideal for children. The nightlife is also a big draw due to its cheap, fun nature and it’s only a budget flight and a few hours away.

Written by Cormac Reynolds who works for UK visa company Global Visas.

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