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Cheap and Fun Ways to get in Shape Before holidays

Health and fitness have become very prominent concepts within popular thought in recent years, gaining more and more media coverage. The NHS has rolled out the Change 4 Life campaign, which encourages people to take responsibility for the lifestyles they are leading, and change them for better, healthier and more active alternatives. Many people’s lifestyles have become reliant upon technology and equipment which makes our lives easier, with computers, cars and escalators dominating modern life. As a result of this, we are told more and more frequently to ‘get active’ and to exercise more. Yet, this is more of an issue for some than others. The gym is not for everybody; some people feel intimidated at the thought of being enclosed in a sweat-box with row upon row of complicated machinery – not to mention gym membership is often a hefty sum of money. This article will suggest some cheap and fun alternatives to the gym, which will help you to get into shape, whilst also offering you some entertainment.

Join a team

Within any advice given on how to get fit, you will almost certainly see the suggestion of joining a team, and that is because it works. If you have a sport you are interested in, then join a team for it! Teams are not all about competition and have many social benefits too. In addition to this, team sports do not have to be highly competitive or serious. There’s a wealth of 7 a-side football leagues appearing up and down the country, with many teams consisting of friends and work colleagues. Primarily it is for fun, but you can take it as seriously as you want. There are also informal teams for many other sports, so just have a search and see what you can find.

Try something new or unusual

There are many new types of classes appearing throughout the UK, and some of them are extremely quirky. One such example is the emergence of pole dancing classes, with women flocking to these lessons as they offer a new, exciting experience, whilst also offering an excellent workout. For a more high-brow workout, jazzercise offers a very unusual fitness regime and is gaining popularity. Alternatively, if these workouts seem too modern, there are always more tried and tested forms of ‘alternative’ workouts. Karate classes are excellent and specifically designed classes cater to the ability of enrollees, so everyone in the class will be roughly on the same ability level – you have nothing to fear in that regard.


Most people have a bicycle lying around somewhere that does not get used, but for those looking to get fit, cycling is a very good option. Bike rides are a great way to get out and see your surroundings, especially if you adventure onto more scenic routes – canalside bike rides are very popular in summer. Cycling is also a great family activity, and can easily be incorporated into a family day out. Although, if dusting the cobwebs off an old, disused bike, you should have it serviced before riding, just to make sure it is safe and functional.


Give the dog longer walks

If you have a pet dog, then no doubt you walk your furry friend. However, why not try walking them over longer distances, on more challenging terrain, such as through forests. This is a good way to get fit as it combines two tasks into one. For those looking to seriously get into shape, why not jog with your dog instead of just walking? I’m sure Baxter won’t have any complaints.

Have more play time

Exercise does not have to be an arduous task, anything that involves physical movement counts. This means, play time with the kids at the park counts, too. Take an active role in your child’s games and you will be having fun whilst shedding calories. This is often overlooked as exercise has come to be institutionalised in the form of the gym, but this is as still a good method for becoming more active as any, and probably one of the most satisfying.

Getting in shape does not have to be expensive and it does not have to involve state of the art equipment. It can be seamlessly introduced into your pre-existing routine. In addition to this, there are an array of social benefits that are gained from exercising, including a boost in self confidence. Teams and clubs are also offer positive social experiences as you will meet similar, like-minded people.

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