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Caravan Cuisine

Welcome to Caravan Cuisine

This is Caravan Cuisine – a regular spot where I’ll feature some quick and easy meal ideas for cooking in a caravan.

Cooking in a caravan is not ideal, even with the swish new caravans of the new century.  A caravan kitchen does limit you to an extent and who wants to spend too much time on cooking anyway?  Caravan Cuisine has been created to help you by providing some tips and ideas on quick meals that are satisfying and tasty, always with an eye on reducing the amount of washing up involved!

  • The week before you set off in you caravan, why not cook double quantities of meals such as soups, stews and casseroles and freeze half of each?  You can then set off with meals for the first three days or so.  Heat up your meal in a pan, serve with fresh bought bread and cheese and you’ll have a scrumptious meal with hardly any dishes to wash.
  • If you’re visiting a local market, stock up on fresh bread, fruit, cheeses and cold meats, together with any relishes you like the look of.  On the way back to the campsite stop at a supermarket for a bag of ready washed salad.  Break the bread into a bowl, arrange the cheese and meats on a tray with a couple of knives and hand everybody a paper napkin.  Serve with wine and olives for a sophisticated take on a picnic.
  • Many of the bakeries in mainland Europe sell pies and pizza slices that are designed to be sold to workers taking a morning break.  These are usually piping hot, delicious and nutritious and often cost pennies – check out the local bakeries for these local specialities and serve with salad followed by fruit.

Okay, that’s the first three ideas, but I’d really like to hear from you with more ideas that we can share with the caravanning community.  Use the comments below to let me know about your favourite caravan meals and any bright ideas for making cooking on wheels easier.  Who knows – if we get enough recipes and meal plans we could publish a book!

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