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Combining Holiday Rentals with Camping

Combining Holiday Rentals with Camping

Hopping in the car and hitting the open road is a European pastime. Every summer, families pack the car and get ready for a holiday that will include some camping, some rentals, and a lot of unexpected surprises. There are some countries where this type of trip is especially feasible, including France, Holland, and Spain.

Family Trip in Europe

Your trip can be as planned or as spontaneous as you wish, especially if your car is stocked with all the camping gear that your family needs. Keep reading for tips on how to plan a creative vacation that will be comfortable, affordable, and adventurous all at the same time.


France Camping FamilyLay the Foundation

Who says a holiday has to be one thing? With a little creativity, you can combine a lot into a single trip. Say for example someone in your family is hesitant about camping for an extended period; why not camp part of the time? Start and end your trip with a stay in a vacation rental and spend time camping in between. This way all members of your family will be happy. After all, a hot shower never feels quite as good as after a few days of camping.

Lay the foundation by choosing a beginning and an end point and booking a vacation rental. Your family will value the space and privacy.


Holiday in France

Some people travel to France and stay in one place. But why not follow in the footsteps of the French, get in the car, and explore? France is full of very high quality campsites offering family-run parks with scenery, planned activities for teenagers, and pristine facilities. If your kids (or spouse) are hesitant about giving camping a shot, show them photos and videos of the clean, beautiful facilities to get them excited about camping.

One of the first decisions to make about your vacation in France is to choose a region. Do you want to be cruising along the coastline of the French Riviera? Exploring the rolling landscape of the Pyrenees? Or sipping wine in Burgundy? Narrow your trip down to one region, pick a starting and end point, and everything in between can be a spontaneous exploration of little towns and memorable meals.


Holiday in Holland

When you think Holland, the great city of Amsterdam might be the first thing to come to mind. But the truth is Holland is also home to an extended coastline with spectacular beaches. Plan a trip this summer that combines vacation rentals and camping along the coast for a vacation that will put a big smile on your kids’ faces. The standard of campsites in Holland is very high and often they are within very close proximity of the beach. Moments within waking up you can be enjoying breakfast on the beach or a morning swim.

After a few days of camping, head to a vacation rental and enjoy amenities such as free bicycles to use during your visit. Make like the Dutch and go for a sunset cycle after a leisurely day of sunbathing on the beach. Some families might want to camp for a few days at the beaches and finish their trip to Holland with a vacation rental in Amsterdam strolling along the beautiful canals.


Holiday in Spain

Similar to France, Spain is a large country with several distinct regions. Some families only focus on the beaches, but there are several regions where you can camp and at the same time experience the culture, history, and delicious cuisine of Spain. Some people choose to plan their trip around events like Tomatina, the world’s biggest tomato fight, or the Festival of San Fermin Pamplona, including the running of the bulls.

For your trip, split time between rentals and camping along the Costa Brava, a 100-mile stretch of fishing villages on the Mediterranean. Some visitors might prefer to explore the Basque country, including a stay in a vacation rental in Barcelona, before wandering along the coastline. Whatever region you choose, you will get to know

Spain — and the Spanish — better by spending a few days camping.


Affordable Europe

Combine camping and vacation rentals and you can plan an affordable trip to Europe for the whole family. Prepare your meals in the privacy of a kitchen and teach your kids about the pleasures of cooking on an open fire. Perhaps most important, this type of trip will give the whole family a sense of adventure, creating lasting memories.


About the Author

Joseph Miller is a writer and analyst for HomeAway’s Travel Ideas site. He was born and raised in California and loves to take vacations.

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