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Going Camping with a Kindle

The traditional image of a summer holiday usually involves somewhere abroad, a warm climate, a crystal-clear beach/swimming pool, a deck-chair and a good book. Thanks to the innovative world we live in, technology has advanced in such a way that we are now able to bring as many books as we like contained in just one small electronic holder; the kindle.

The beauty of this device has overtaken social norms and it is considered a piece of incredibly valuable technology which can accompany the owner to wherever they wish to travel and in this case, we’ll be considering taking it on a camping holiday.

Camping is a unique experience; setting the years back, one must live off limited resources and make use of the few necessities they have with them. It’s hands-on at times and deeply relaxed at others, so it’s important to ensure that the items present are going to be of good and efficient use.

The Kindle works well because reading is a source of great entertainment and knowledge; it naturally beats having to bring a tedious pile of books along for the journey and saves space for other vital necessities. There is the added element of quantity as well; the device lets you store thousands of stories and books inside its sleek infrastructure, meaning there is never a lack of things to read. It’s also a great way to ensure you have tonnes of survival guides and safety books with you without lugging around mountains of books.

The smooth design of the e-book means it’s easy to slip in to a back-pack without adding much weight. Elsewhere, you are able to purchase water-proof covers and cases which will protect the screen and frame from the outside weather. The only real issue you’ll face with the structure of the tablet is that it doesn’t have a screen-light and so it’ll make night-time reading a nuisance. However, the E-Ink design of the device means there is no glare in the sunshine like iPads and Laptop screens.

In terms of battery-life, it’ll be important to charge the device up fully before leaving and using it in moderation to preserve power. There is also the option of a Solar USB Charger which means you are able to harness the sunlight in order to build up the battery power.

Some of the more advanced models allow the user the opportunity to explore the online web which, whilst defeating the point of camping for some people, can be incredibly useful in the right situation. Overall, the advantages of bringing the device on a camping trip far outstrip the disadvantages, and the size, battery life and storage depth is more than suitable enough.

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