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Camping Holidays in Spain

While the Spanish coasts are best known for sandy beaches and Sangria, in truth, that is only half of the story. Beyond the sun seeker’s paradise, there is a land filled with architectural and cultural gems, not to mention a much underrated cuisine. Days at the beach are a must, but when you want to start exploring, there is a wealth of wonderful places for you to discover, including the great cities of Barcelona, Bilbao and Alicante.

We tend to think of Spain as the Costas and not a lot more. Whilst it’s true to say that most Brits do head for the Costas there is so much more that they are missing. Beyond the obvious sun worshipping Spain is steeped in culture and history and understanding Spain through its frequent fiestas, or feast days, is a great way of getting to know the country. The countryside and climate make it a great place for a camping holiday. The warm weather means your holiday can be as early or as late in the season as you like.

The Costa Brava is a 100 mile stretch of Mediterranean. Probably the most famous of all the Costas, there are some really lively resorts but there is more than a fair share of pretty fishing villages, inland hill towns and historic castles but you’re never far away from the sun, sand and sea that attracted you here in the first place.

The Gold Coast, or Costa Dorada, is called this because of the miles of golden sandy beaches. Set between the mountains and the sea this is a region of vineyards, olive groves and stunning scenery all around. Camping holidays here have the added benefit of being close to Barcelona, probably one of Europe’s most colourful cities.

To the north of Spain, much less sun scorched in high summer is the Costa Verde. In the heart of the Basque country, the lush green landscapes and emerald green seas give the coastline its name. Holidays here are less about the beach and more about getting into the countryside to experience local life. Incredible mountain views and towns such as Bilbao make this a perfect place to spend an active camping holiday with plenty of beach life as well.

With everything you’d expect from names such as Benidorm, Alicante and Albir the Costa Blanca is where to go for a lively party party type of holiday. All said and done, it does have another side as well. Head inland and once away from the coast you’ll get to see one of Spain’s best kept secrets, Cantabria, where you can walk and cycle amongst some of Spain’s most unspoiled scenery.

With more than 300 days of sunshine each year, you couldn’t find a better place for water sports in all Spain than the Costa Del Sol. The beaches are some of the most relaxing in the whole country and in an area that prides itself on its culture and cuisine visitors come back time after time.

Campsites in Spain

Spain is a country used to providing fantastic holidays for tourists and their camping holidays are no exception. You should expect campsites in Spain to have really high approval ratings, frequently above 95%. You can get more idea about what campsites are like in Spain by reading the Spanish campsite reviews below:

Playa Joyel

Castell Montgri

Vilanova Park

Park Playa Bara

Cambrils Park

Cala Gogo

Independant campsites in Spain

Skiing Resorts in France

Things to do in Spain


Billed as the World’s Biggest Food fight it’s the climax of a week-long festival of music, parades, dancing and fireworks. Tomatina is started at about 10am by the Palo Jabon. Young men start with the aim of climbing a greasy pole to get to a cured ham secured to the top. Why? What’s the significance? None really other than it marks the start of the main event. It’s really hard to get to the ham so they often overrun but festival seems to start regardless.

At a signal from water cannon one hour of complete carnage commences. Lorry loads of tomatoes are driven through the crowds to dump their loads of tomatoes. Hoards of people descend on the tomatoes and proceed to lob them wherever they fancy. Rules govern what how you thrown and what you should do but it’s a bit if free for all. This has to be seen to be believed.


Once a year they have a festival, that is gaining worldwide notoriety. Called “running the bulls” it’s just that. In 2012, between July 6th and 14th a form of madness takes over the town of Pamplona. It’s narrow streets become packed with young guns having some fun when the authorities release herds of angry bulls (and I mean angry, these bulls that are bred to fight) into the crowds and the crowds run like crazy to get out of the way. It’s just the sort of thing that sane people do all over Europe. Over a million people invade the area during the festival but you don’t have to run the bulls yourself. Locals with balconies will rent you a balcony for a reasonable sum and you can watch the mayhem from a safe distance above. Go on, you know you want to!

Alhambra Palace

In Grenada, in the hills above the city is the Alhambra Moorish fortress. Originally designed to protect the city from Christian invasion it managed to do so for hundreds of years. Granada was the last city to fall during the Reconquista, the Spanish leg of the Crusades. Take the most beautiful gardens in the world; add a beautiful fortress and multiple by ten and you have the Alhambra. Be warned though, it gets busy so get there early.

Getting to Spain

It’s quite a long way down to the Mediterranean Costas so you will need to be thinking about fly-drive. Because of the tourist infrastructure there are many airports serving the area and you can book scheduled flag carriers into Barcelona and Malaga and party islands such as Ibiza and Majorca. Charter flights are available to other airports such as Alicante and Valencia whilst no frills airlines fly into a host of other regional airports such as Seville, Grenada, Bilbao and Santander in the North.

If you are travelling to the Costa Verde there is also a ferry option from Plymouth into Santander or Portsmouth into Santander and Bilbao.

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