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Camping Holidays Versus Package Holidays

Camping Holidays Versus Package Holidays

Just the word “camping holiday” can cause a lot of people to shudder at the thought, I did, until I experienced it first-hand. I think it’s important that we first clear up what camping exactly is or specifically what camping isn’t. Camping is open to interpretation that is the beauty of it, for me it is about distancing myself from the digital clutter of modern day life and sharing outdoor life experiences with my family and/or friends. It is not freezing your backside off in a farmer’s field next to a cow pat. Camping doesn’t mean you have to sleep under canvass or on a solid rock floor. By definition camping embraces all “temporary lodgings” that could include tents, mobile homes, cabins, motorhomes, tree houses and even your kids den made out of bed sheets.

I’ve often restated the above to my friends and family when being questioned about my choice of family holiday. Why go camping when you can stay in a nice family hotel in the Costas? I guess it all comes down to personal preference but as someone who has genuinely experienced both types of holidays, I can honestly say camping holidays win hands down, this is why:


  • You pay one price for the whole family, not per person and that even includes your pet Dog.
  • On a camping holiday you can travel time is much more fluid unlike a package holiday where you have fixed arrival and departure days.
  • You can stay as long as you like on a camping holiday, usually without the worry of working around fixed flight schedules.
  • Most camping holidays can be reached by ferry and car, no long queues at airports and expensive flights.
  • Your accommodation is usually detached when camping, much better than staying on the 15th floor of an apartment block.
  • On a camping holiday you can eat in, eat out or light up the BBQ or perhaps you would prefer fixed meal times every day.
  • On a camping holiday you get your own outdoor space or decking, if you’re lucky on a package holiday you will get a small balcony.
  • The kids have a much wider selection of things to do, it will keep them fit running around in open spaces and most importantly tired bodies sleep well.
  • Fresh air!
  • It’s not just the kids who make new friends, you’ll often find yourself getting invited over to the neighbours pitch to sample some of the lovely local wine.
  • Camping in a fine meal an adventure not a ready cooked meal.

While I am bias towards camping I believe I have been fair and honest in my assessment. To sum up I consider the most wonderful places on planet earth to be those without a hotel or apartment for miles. Places with real charm and rugged beauty which craft new memories and facilitate new experiences. It not as rough as you may think.


Catherine Johnson is the founder of, an independent online guide to camping holidays across Europe.


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