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Camping Highlights in Rome

Camping Highlights in Rome

| On 10, Jan 2014

There is certainly so much about Rome that will ignite anyone’s excitement. Rome is well known for its rich history, opulent culture, magnificent art works and remarkable influence to the modern architecture and engineering. The authentic cuisines and specialties of ancient Rome like lasagna and pizza also impacted the world culinary signature.

While having a trip to Rome is exciting, thinking about how you can maximize your stay and adventure is one of the things that you may want to consider. Your trip to Rome can be the most meaningful and enjoyable trip ever simply by considering camping.

If you are on a tight budget and you want to get the most out of your stay in Rome, or perhaps you just want to skip the hustle and bustle of the city, you can choose to do camping at a nearby countryside instead of staying in a luxury hotel. Staying in a camping site is the most affordable way of enjoying the beauty of Rome. Also, camping gives you the opportunity to experience the true-to-life daily lifestyle of the local Romans. Not only that, you can surely enjoy more walking down the city road rather than simply taking a ride touring around Rome. Camping does not only gives you an opportunity to enjoy the eternal city at your own pace but it will likewise provide a perfect base for relaxation while relishing the city’s vast collection of arts and culture.

There are actually a large number of campsites that you may choose from in Rome. Each of the campsites offers an extra ordinary holiday in the capital city of Italy. Here are some of the top rated camping sites in Rome.

Seven Hills Camping Village – Rome

Whether you come with an organized group or with a family, you are always welcome at Seven Hills Camping Village all year round. This camping village features small apartments made with bricks and bungalows. Each of the brick apartments has its own small dining area and own restroom with shower. The houses have two rooms having two twin beds each as well as indoor heating. The small garden that provides a breathtaking overview of the Veio Park also adds to the exciting features of the brick houses.

The village also offers various kinds of mobile homes which are made available for rent.

If you are looking for a nature-packed, fun-filled and tranquil holiday getaway in the Eternal City’s countryside, then Seven Hills Camping Village would be a perfect bet for you. Not only that you get to savor the sweetness of a genuine Roman atmosphere, but you will likewise enjoy getting acquainted with the historical and cultural richness of the immeasurable heritage of Rome.

Happy Village and Camping Roma

Happy Village and Camping Roma is just another beautiful camping ground in the pearl city of Italy. It is wonderfully located at Via del Prato della Corte, 1915, 00123 Rome. If you are in quest of a great place to spend a relaxing and an extraordinary camping with a twist of art, culture and nature, then Happy Village and Camping Roma is the perfect place to be. Breathing fresh and clean air while enjoying a scenic landscape of the eternal city is just among the remarkable things you will enjoy with camping at Happy Village.

The campsite features caravan camper service, impeccable restrooms with free hot shower, and chemical treated toilets. The site is also child friendly. There are small bathrooms specially intended for children as well as baby changing tables. The site is likewise equipped with proper and appropriate heating system for winter. There is also a shuttle bus available that can be utilized by the guests for free. The bus runs from the campsite to the neighboring Prima Porta Metrostation. From the station, guests can easily get a ride to Piazzale Flaminio at the heart of the old city which is barely just around 20 minutes from the campsite.

Camping Village Roma

Ever planned of camping in Rome with your family pet? Well, worry not because your beloved pet will enjoy as much as you do in Camping Village Roma.

For just 3 kilometers distance from the Vatican, Camping Village Roma is known to be the most centrally located campsite in Rome. You can simply get into the village by taking a shuttle bus.

This campsite provides a perfect base for an outing that is jam-packed with culture, art and history. It is also an ideal starting point for a long day of strolling around the heart of the eternal city at your own pace as well as a great place for relaxation, family bonding and rumination.

Camping Village Roma is popular for its vast outdoor activities like table tennis, swimming and beach volleyball. The village also offers a wide range of accommodation selections that fits and adjusts to very one’s budget.

Lake Bracciano

Lake Bracciano is one of the major fresh water lakes in Italy and the second largest lake in Lazio region. It is located in Bracciano town, north of Rome. It is one of the most picturesque places around Rome that is perfect for camping activities. This heaven on earth is a very relaxing, peaceful, and green paradise. You may enjoy roaming around the area by foot, by renting and riding a bicycle, by car or by horse-riding. Whichever way you choose, you will surely have a wonderful exploration around this lovely place.

This unspoiled natural heaven is located 15 kilometers away from the sea. The different reserves found along the area like Macchiagrande Oasis, Tarquinia Salt Marsh Nature Reserve and Torre Flavia Marshland Nature Reserve add up to the attractions you may enjoy when camping at Lake Bracciano.

Aside from trekking around the area, you may as well drop for a picnic along the lake or perhaps relish and relax while sailing with small noiseless boats in the crystal clear waters of the lake. You may as well enjoy just wandering around, stepping on the footpaths in the meadows and woodland while singing with the calming voice of the rare birds.

Lake Bracciano is a very ideal base for a memorable Rome getaway without having to get trapped with the hustle and bustle as well as the urban chaos of the city life.

Internazionale Camping Castelfusano

For a total combination of art and culture appreciation, as well as camping and beach hopping amusement while in Rome, you can sure say that camping at Internazionale Camping Castelfusano is the best option you can pick.

Camping Castelfusano is the only camping ground in Rome that is directly facing the beach. This cool campsite may not have highly technical and modern facilities like the other campsites in Rome, nor is it as scenic as the paradise Lake Bracciano, but it is the perfect place for savoring fresh beach air in Rome.

The serene beach atmosphere alone is enough to melt each heart especially during night time. Campers will surely enjoy soaking in the beach, camping and going into picnic together with their loved ones and with other vacationers as well.

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