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Camping – the Feelgood Factor

This is official, folks – camping is good for you.  Of course, most campers probably know that already.  Camping usually happens in the countryside or on the coastline, away from the hustles and bustles of city life.  It’s a real ‘back to nature’ style holiday and people spend more time outdoors when camping than on any other type of holiday.

  • The Feelgood Factor – Being outdoors in the fresh air means that you’re getting a lot more oxygen into your lungs and with the extra oxygen comes serotonin, nicknamed the ‘feelgood’ hormone.  Spending so much time in the fresh air is good for the immune system, for your blood pressure and even for your digestive system.
  • Relax and Enjoy – Camping is a more relaxed way of life – you just sit back and let the stresses of a busy life melt away as you enjoy your surroundings.  Camping can also be a really sociable activity if you want it to be, kicking back with a load of friends, new and old maybe, in the great outdoors.  Then there are the romantic evenings watching the sun go down, and the bliss of looking up at the twinkling stars in the encroaching darkness.
  • Keep Fit For Life – Camping is usually fairly physical, although relaxed.  Even if you’re not jogging or deliberately exercising, camping does involve more walking about than normal.  If you’re hiking or visiting local tourist attractions you may not notice the amount of time you’ve spent on your feet until the end of the day!   Days on the beach can be just as energetic, especially if you have kids with you.
  • Sleep Deep – You’ll probably find that you sleep better when you’re on camping trips.  The combination of plenty of fresh air, more exercise than usual and great evenings spent in good company will have you sleeping like a baby.  As long as you have comfortable camping gear, that is.

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