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Camping With Dogs -Things to Remember When Taking Animals to Europe

| On 27, Aug 2013

Dogs are the nation’s favorite pet. One of the most recognised features about ‘a man’s best friend’ is their loyalty. Your dog would never abandon you, so it seems unfair that they often miss out on the holidaying fun. Camping has long been the solution to this issue, with many families choosing to take their dog camping within the UK. However, the UK is far from renowned for its reliable good weather, and besides, sometimes it’s nice to explore the world further. Recent times have seen a rise in the amount of people taking their pets on holiday onto the continent, as it offers better weather and a welcome change of scenery for regular campers. That being said, taking animals abroad comes with its complications, with this article hopefully shedding some light on them and offering some clarification.

Is It Suitable for Your Dog to Travel?

Before we get onto the topic of organising travel and the necessary procedures which have to be carried out, the issue of your dog’s ability to travel must be assessed. Will the journey place you dog in discomfort or endanger their health? Are they suited to travelling, meaning that they aren’t too young, too old and in good health? If in any doubt it is best to have a vet examine your pet before  making any travel arrangements. Also your mode of transport must be given consideration. If you are going by car, you should consider the temperature and the journey duration. Dogs can become distressed at any temperature over 25 degrees Celsius, with the inside of cars easily passing this on hot days. Also, if flying, you should note that your dog will be treated as cargo and will not be travelling with you. Would your pet be ok with this, or is likely to cause them a great deal of discomfort? Ferries offer a bit more flexibility in regards to travelling with pets. Nighttime journeys will be cooler and more pleasant for your animal. Also, pets may be allowed outside on deck, meaning they have access to fresh are and are not cooped up for the journey, however this policy is not universal and differs from operator to operator.

Ensure You Have the Carried Out the Correct Procedures Before Attempting to Travel

Just like humans, pets need passports in order to travel. Thanks to the enrolment of the PETS (Pet Travel Scheme) it is not required for your pet to placed in quarantine when travelling to and from Europe, which saves a lot of time and means your pet is more free to travel.  However, the securing of a pet passport is just one of the actions that has to be completed before your pet can travel. Dogs MUST be microchipped in order to travel. It is safer for your animal and means, should anything happen, you will definitely be reunited with your pooch. In addition to this. your dog must be vaccinated against rabies BUT this vaccination only counts if your dog is microchipped. If your dog is not microchipped when it is vaccinated the vaccination does not count. The vaccination must take place when the dog is chipped. Finally, your dog must receive tapeworm treatment before leaving.

Now You Know Your Animal is Legible to Travel, You Should Also Check…

Ensure the campsite you wish to stay at is dog-friendly. There are many campsites that will allow you to camp with you pets, however there are many that do not. It is essential you check beforehand and do not just assume the campsite will be welcoming of your dog. When abroad, you must also abide by certain etiquette, much as you would do in any campsite at home. This includes clearing up any animal waste you pet produces, ensuring your dog is kept on a lead around the campsite, and making sure your pet is not loud and an annoyance to other campers.

The most important part of travelling with pets has to be the well-being of your animal. They are a member of your family and should be treated as such. That being said, you should be absolutely sure they are suitable to travel, or else it could spoil your trip, and more importantly, could endanger their health. Providing you secure the correct documentation and operate within the correct avenues, your camping holiday with your pet should be a breeze.Whether traveling to you Europe as a lone camper or as a family, the addition of your beloved pet will be a welcome addition to the experience.

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