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Camping and Caravanning – Five Tips on Toiletries

If you regularly go away camping or caravanning you’ll know that there are supplies that you can take that make life on the road quite a bit easier.  If you haven’t got access to a proper bathroom, you can end up feeling hot and sweaty and desperate to freshen up, especially if you’re touring or spending a few days getting to your holiday campsite.  Wet wipes and an ‘on the go’ wash kit are pretty essential unless you just resign yourself to going crusty for a few days.  However, many of the toiletries designed for travel and on the go are quite expensive.  Planning in advance is the name of the game here folks.

  1. Look out for sales at your local High Street Pharmacy, Boots and Superdrug and stock up with a selection of wet wipes and hand sanitizers that work without water.  You don’t have to take them all with you, but if you’re a regular camper you’ll be glad of a supply.
  2. Stock up on sun creams and aftersun too – they’re both expensive products and any saving is a bonus, especially if you have a large family to buy a selection of factors for.
  3. If most of your gear is packed up until you arrive at your destination, or if you’re touring, take an on the go wash kit.  A small wet bag with soap, a face cloth, toothbrush and mini toothpaste can be slipped into your bag with a tiny hand towel and used in motorway services to freshen up.  You’ll be surprised by how much a quick wash can rejuvenate you on a long, hot journey.
  4. Try to use all in one products where possible to save on the number of bottles you take with you.  An all in one shampoo and conditioner can double up as a shower cream if necessary.  All over moisturizer that contains aftersun is a great idea – make your chosen products work hard for you.
  5. If you have long hair and need to wash it regularly, then invest in one of those towelling turbans.  They dry really quickly, fold up into a tiny smidgeon and can double as a hand towel if you need one.

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