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Camping Alternatives for Canvas Haters

November 18, 2013 |

It’s probably the case that haters of the fabric canvas have nothing to fear today because canvas went out with the ark however what about those canvas haters who hate the thought of going “under canvas”? They don’t actually dislike … Read More

A Bite size Guide to Cévennes Park

November 12, 2013 |

Created in 1970 the Cevennes National park is located in southern Frances’s most mountainous area. Stretching over three départments – Lozère, Gard and Ardèche and two regions, Languedoc-Roussillon and Rhône-Alpes the park seamlessly blends the uplands of the Massif Central … Read More

The Battle of The British Holiday Park

November 11, 2013 |

Never mind your Costa this or Costa that, never mind your Florida theme parks and definitely never mind your Dominican Republic getaways. The true home of British holiday making has always been the Holiday Camp. Currently making something of a … Read More

Bringing Camping Indoors for Kids

November 4, 2013 |

As adults it is too easy to forget the appeal of certain things for children. From a grown-up perspective we often regard camping as the best way of getting a good summer holiday for two weeks in August. For our … Read More

5 ways your child can get more exercise

October 24, 2013 |

A recent report by the BBC discussed work by Univeristy College London researchers who found that a mere 51% of the 6,500 children they looked at were taking the recommended hour of physical activity per day. For most parents this … Read More

Bringing the outdoors, indoors on a rainy day

October 22, 2013 |

We love the outdoors, the birds singing, the sun shining, grazed knees and grass stains, we’re at home outdoors. However sometimes it’s just not possible thanks to the erratic and unfavourable British weather.

On rainy days it can be easy … Read More

Should You Travel by Eurostar vs Ferry to Europe?

September 27, 2013 |

Although part of the same union as the rest of Europe, Britain is somewhat distant from our friends on the continent due to the inconvenient body of water that is the English Channel. The watery divide between Britain and the … Read More

When To Give Your Kids Treats

September 21, 2013 |

All kids love treats and we, as parents, love to please our kids.  After all, making our kids happy is what it’s all about.  However, many parents worry about giving treats to the kids and there’s loads of conflicting advice … Read More