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Campervan vs Caravan

The age old question, campervan or caravan. This simple question has sparked debates from campervan and caravan owners for decades. Despite what you may hear from them, there are benefits and drawbacks to both. What can you really expect?

 A campervan provides wheels and accommodation, all wrapped up in one. They are easy to drive, simple to relocate, and include all of the basic amenities you will need. Although costs vary, you can find decent campervans for only £4000. If the campervan is on the smaller side, it won’t take up much more fuel than a car. On the downside, a campervan has limited space. You may not be able to stand up inside, and storage options are usually limited to under-seat storage and small compartments. Water tanks are generally small and will require refills every couple days. If the campervan is not equipped with an extra battery, this can become an issue with your

VW Campervan

VW Campervan (Photo credit: kenjonbro)

energy usage and even simple appliances can drain away your battery very quickly.

A caravan is normally towed behind a car, but still provides all of the comforts of home. Caravans are usually equipped with WC and shower facilities, with larger water tanks than their campervan counterparts. When you get to the caravan site you can unhook your vehicle and avoid packing everytime you want to leave. With more space, you can also bring along the bicycles and have more room for extra creature comforts. Disadvantages include slow driving as you must tow the caravan. Set-up takes longer while you disconnect your vehicle, put up your awning, and attach all of the necessary tubing and wires. A caravan generally takes up much more space than a campervan, which can be an issue if the site has size restrictions. With a caravan it is less convenient to stop wherever you want along the way, and parking can be a pain.

The campervan vs. caravan debate is not one that will be settled anytime soon. They both have obvious advantages and disadvantages, so it mostly comes down to what you want to get out of your holiday. For those happier staying around the campsite and enjoy the modern comforts of home, the caravan is probably the best option. If you are looking for freedom and only require simple amenities to get by, a campervan may be for you. If you are torn between buying a campervan or caravan, consider hiring each for a week and get a feel for the lifestyle that each one carries with it. There is no right or wrong choice, it comes down to what you want and need, and what you can go without.

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