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Bringing the outdoors, indoors on a rainy day

Bringing the outdoors, indoors on a rainy day

| On 22, Oct 2013

We love the outdoors, the birds singing, the sun shining, grazed knees and grass stains, we’re at home outdoors. However sometimes it’s just not possible thanks to the erratic and unfavourable British weather.

On rainy days it can be easy to let the children sit in front of a screen be it a games console, laptop or television, my kids love a Disney movie as much as the next child and sometimes its battle to persuade them to do other “fun stuff” when indoors.

Did you know a child born in the UK today will spend almost a quarter of their life watching non-work-related screen technology?

Last Sunday was a washout and it was a case of De Ja Vu, “I’m Bored” echoed throughout the boys bedrooms as I baked in the kitchen with my daughter, even she was losing interesting waiting shamelessly until I had finished with the bowl so she could lick all the chocolate clean off.

After we completed a few house chores, we sat down and put together a wishlist of rainy day activities, I knew we had many more rainy days due and I didn’t want this happening again. If I can help reduce the time spent in front of a screen, it feels like a huge win. After some silly suggestions (indoor football pitch and food fight) we had created a simple but fun activity rainy day pack which included over 10 items.

I then ordered them online (oh the irony) and we are now waiting for the next rainy day to come along, the children are performing a rain dance every night before bed.



Still no rain, this is strictly a rainy day pack.

We’d love to know how you spend your rainy days and to help you we are giving away rainy day packs, it contains over 10 items such as Play Doh, a racing car, a puzzle book and a YoYo, it’s got lots of other great treats but I won’t spoil the surprise. All the treats are house friendly and suitable for children 3+.

Contact us and let us know you are interested. 

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