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Bringing Camping Indoors for Kids

Bringing Camping Indoors for Kids

| On 04, Nov 2013

As adults it is too easy to forget the appeal of certain things for children. From a grown-up perspective we often regard camping as the best way of getting a good summer holiday for two weeks in August. For our children however, it has a completely different mystery. If you let your children make camp indoors it is a perfect way of filling a day during the school holidays, especially if it is raining.

String Laundry Pegs and a Few Blankets

Don’t worry about how possible it is to build a tent indoors, leave tired old grown up imaginations out of it. All you need to do is supply the children with some essential supplies and then let their imaginations run wild. What explorer’s tent would not be complete without tent pegs, tarpaulins and guy ropes? Just look for a selection of old sheets and blankets (do people still have blankets?) a ball of good string and some clothes pegs or a selection of bulldog clips and you, or the kids at least, are in business. A few simple lessons on how to tie a knot around a door handle, how not to tie string around your best ornaments, and how to join tarpaulins, oops I mean sheets, together with pegs and bulldog clips and that should be enough.

Essential Supplies

Now, when the great explorer set off, Scott in the Antarctic, Hillary on Mount Everest or even Livingston and darkest Africa they all needed their sheets, bulldog clips and string but they also needed essential supplies. After a morning of exploring the upper reaches of the dining room (lots of chairs with great places to tie string), or when they finally get to set up Base Camp in the foothills of the staircase it’s time for nourishing food. Little explorers need suitable sustenance and of course, it must be served in the camp site. Egg and cress sandwiches never tasted so good as when they were served under tarpaulin – oops there I go again sorry, sheets. Pack them the raw materials for their sandwiches and they will really enjoy the experience of preparing their own campsite meals. If you are good, you can even get them to wash the dishes in the camp stream, providing they are tall enough to reach the kitchen sink. After all, as explorers they will not want to be eating from dirty plates next meal time!

Breaking Camp

At the end of a long day exploring breaking camp is always going to be a bit of a problem because they won’t want to dismantle their tents so you can watch Corrie or Enders coz Corrie or Enders don’t exist in the jungle. Best you keep a few extra pegs and sheets back so that tomorrow’s tent can be even bigger than today’s. That should persuade them!

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