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Get On Your Bike

Get On Your Bike

| On 17, Jan 2014

I love riding my bike. My husband and I treated ourselves many years ago (and before children) to some Marin hybrid bikes. Two children and a good few years later and they’re still going strong. They’ve survived three house moves and being stuck in a shed for many of those years as we failed to find any time for cycling whatsoever.

But recently we’ve re-discovered our love. And it’s great. What inspired us, well it was our eldest daughter learning to ride her bike. As a parent, it’s one of those momentous occasions that marks a real milestone in your child’s development. It definitely was for us. Watching her face as she conquered it was just magic. And she’s never looked back. She has ridden her bike to school and back every day since September, through wind, rain, hail and occasional sunshine. How could we not fail to be inspired?

Whenever I can, I cycle down to school to meet her and it’s great cycling home together.  I feel young again too. There’s something about the freedom of being on two wheels that makes me feel especially alive. The fresh air and physical exercise are fun, not hard work. Admittedly I have got 21 gears to help me out, but still. I love the freedom of darting through short cuts and beating the traffic to get to the local shops. I love cycling in the park and along the canal tow paths. I’m less keen on the city roads, but I can’t have everything!

The health benefits of cycling seem obvious to me. I feel better after a ride. I sometimes go out just  to clear my head. I highly recommend getting yourselves bicycles if you haven’t already. And if, like us, you have them lying in the shed or garage gathering dust. Get them out and get riding. You don’t have to go far to make a difference to your heart and your head. And if you’re a parent, you might just inspire your children too.

Almost everyone of any age can get involved, it’s relatively cheap and can actually save you money on transport. It’s quite easy to make it part of your routine and is good for the environment. So many plusses!

It’s also a low impact exercise and is much easier on your joints so for me it’s preferable to running. My legs may ache slightly after a long ride but the recovery time is much quicker. My clothes suffer more in the winter, even with mudguards they still get mucky but who could deny the fun of tearing through muddy puddles at speed?! My daughter came home from school the other day with a mud spattered face as we raced each other through the mud-great fun! That’s why I want to ride my bicycle and I want to ride it where I like. How about you?

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