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This is my story

I remember the day I fell in love with camping or more specifically the great outdoors. I was just a sprightly 10 year old in the South of France with my parents and two brothers. Amongst the sibling fall outs I remember going on an “adventure” with my two older Brothers, we explored the local woodland, finding all sorts of creepy crawlies and fighting the evil the trolls who lurked in the shadows, back then I had an imagination. The three of us arrived back muddy and knees grazed to find Dad cooking away on the BBQ, I can still smell it now. We eat, drank and melted marshmallows over the campfire, with nothing but a blanket of stars overhead, as far as my childhood goes; best-day-ever.

Many years later and I now have my own family to create those special memories with.

This is why I with the help of my Husband (David) started Family Camping Reviews, we want to help families create special everlasting memories. I want my children to have the same outdoor adventures I had when I was a child.

Get out there and have fun!

Catherine Johnson




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