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5 Impressive UK Glamping Spots

5 Impressive UK Glamping Spots

There was a time when going out camping equated with carrying around a huge bundle of gear and sleeping in a cramped tent : a picturesque setting, but not much comfortable or practical. And thus “glamping” came to be; a whole new standard of luxurious, ready-made camping accommodations where you get surprising levels of comfort within open-air settings.

The Best UK Glamping Spots

In the last few years, this alternative camping style has grown quite popular and widespread. There are hundreds of providers around the UK (and many more throughout the world). If you’re looking for the most interesting and attractive glamping options available in the UK, this article will help.

Jolly Days in YorkShire

Located within ample grounds of around 200 acres, this is one of the most beautiful locations we’ve ever seen for a glamping venture. The surrounding woodlands are vibrant and lovely, with inspiring natural sceneries and the occasional sighting of friendly forest animals. The available accommodations are among the finest available – with 21 tents so large they put many hotel rooms to shame.

The safari tents here look like something out of the movies, with their ample windows, the atmospheric bundles of strategically placed drapes, salamander stove, wooden dressers and the two smaller tents playing the role of makeshift rooms. There’s a lot of creativity and attention to detail in the preparation of these luxury tents, and the days you spend here will indeed be jolly.

Cuckoo Down Farm in Devon

Located in Ottery St. Farm, this glamping site features three yurts and a safari tent distributed in a six acre meadow surrounded by around 25 acres of woodland. The actual tents will not disappoint either, with their double beds (and double rooms in the safari tent) plus diverse amenities – including private (and ecological) compost toilets, running water, and heating stove plus wood for burning.

In any case, the highlight here a dedicated and super-friendly staff, offering diverse optional services at very reasonable cost; from in-tent massages to yoga lessons, reiki healing, reflexology sessions and art therapy, there are some interesting options here to help you get the most relaxation. If you’re looking for a glamping site where you’ll be thoroughly pampered, this is one of the most recommendable options.

Really Green Holidays at Wight

Feel like doing some island Glamping? Then head out to Wight and check out the Really Green Holidays site. It’s comprised by 16 canvas yurts featuring all the typical comforts to be expected in this high-end mode of camping (double bed, assorted sofas and cooking area), located at walking distance to the Freshwater Bay beach and the river Yar shore. The sceneries here are nothing short of astounding, which shouldn’t come as a surprise for anyone familiar with the Isle of Wight.

The concept here hinges around the premise of a genuinely ecological holiday site (hence the name). Unless you specifically request one of the few self-catering tents available, you will be supplied with local organic food delivered right to your tent – a rather nice bit of pampering and a real blessing for those who don’t want to be concerned with camping preparations. They will even help arrange your transportation, encouraging you to leave both your car and your worries at home.

Sommerset Gipsy Caravans

So you’ve already experienced yurts and safari tents, and the novelty value is somewhat worn off? In that case, you need to try the latest trend in glamping accommodation: gipsy caravans. They are best suited for romantic escapades, as the lovely bow-tied caravans are ideal for two residents. One of the leading ventures in this new wave of glamping is the Gipsy Caravans Holiday breaks in Rural Sommerset.

There, you’ll get to experience the true nomad spirit – even if for a few days. Sitting outside your gipsy tent, cooking food in an open fire, looking out at the starry sky and drinking cider (a popular local produce); does that sound for a romantic setting with your other half? These traditional caravans are quaint and rather cozy, and the unique setting (an apple orchard) is lovely in its own right.

The LakeSide Yurt in Beckford

How about doing a bit of fishing to pass the time, and maybe hook up the night’s dinner? If that sounds like an interesting proposition, head out to the Lakeside Yurts located in a property next to the Beckford village (located at the border of Gloucestershire and Worcestershire counties). This venture offers all the usual comforts, and there are some interesting and unique perks such as unfloor heating and gas fire, for those with little inclination to set up a fire for cooking (which is also an option).

There is a single Yurt tent available here, which makes this a great choice for couples looking for a bit of quiet seclusion. And if you feel like doing a bit of exploration and rural tourism, there are some interesting towns in the vicinity – such as Broadway and Evesham.



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