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5 Checks Before You Set Off In Your Campervan

5 Checks Before You Set Off In Your Campervan

With summer on the way we’re beginning to see more and more campervans on the roads of the UK as people from all over the country start enjoying the camping season.  If you’re lucky enough to own a campervan, you’ll no doubt be on the road soon yourself.  However, for a stress free start to any camping trip here are the top five checks to make before setting off in your campervan.


Make sure that the engine is in good running order – it might be worth a trip to your local service station to get a quick check done.  Make sure that the oil is topped up and that there is plenty of water in the windscreen wash tank.  When you check the tyres to make sure they have enough air in, remember to check the spare as well.  Check out all the driving lights and make sure you have a collection of spare bulbs stashed somewhere for emergencies.


  1. Make sure that your water system is in tip top condition.  Clean the water filter on the inboard water pumps by easing it out of position and holding under running water before replacing.  Although you may have drained the water tank when you winterised your campervan at the end of last season, there is always some residual water so the tank will need to be flushed and sterilised ready for the new season.  Use a proprietary water treatment and make sure that you add enough water to half fill the tank – follow the instructions to make sure that your tank is free of bacteria.
  2. When you’ve left the steriliser in the tank for the required time you can use it to sterilise and flush the whole water system.  Make sure any taps and shower controls are on and then switch on the water pump.  As the air is expelled from each tap, shut it off and then leave the whole water system being sterilised for the correct amount of time.  Once you’ve done this it’s time to fill the tank to the maximum levels with fresh water and then flush it through ready to take clean water.
  3. Check that the toilet and waste tank are all in good order and fill the fresh water chamber of the loo and flush it several times to make sure that the water is running clean and that the toilet is working properly.
  4. Now it’s time to check the gas system in your campervan – begin by checking all of the appliances to make sure they’re free of debris and dust.  Switch on the fridge and leave it on for long enough to make sure that the fridge and freezer compartment are chilling adequately.  Check the oven and hob by lighting each of the burners in turn – if the gas/air mix is correct the flame will be blue.  If the flames have yellow tips the mix needs adjusting and this needs to be done by a CORGI registered technician.

Spending some time on these basic checks before you set off in your campervan for your first trip of the season could save you a lot of stress and hassle.  You’ll have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that everything on board is in perfect working order.

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